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Ready, Aim

Ready, Aim

What does Fyro say?

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Fyro says
on 12th Sep 2016, 8:38 PM

Akina/Mihoko has acquired a new equip! The light bow! ...actually I haven't come up with a name, yet. But it was inspired of a light-saber. It's all hard light. Except...

Check out the color version:

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What do the Readers say?

The Reviewer says
on 12th Sep 2016, 11:44 PM

That's a pretty nice page, the action flows very naturally.

The only thing is that I never thought the bow was made of hard light until I read the description.
I'd suggest a few things to make it easier to visualize what the bow is made of with use of the scale of gray.
First, make it a few tones lighter. Light of any color will most of the time be nearly white in brightness.
Second, make the lineart either full white or a very light gray, so it becomes distinct in contrast with the rest of the scenario, objects and characters.
And finally, give it a more transparent look, as in, in a way we can always see any lineart from something else behind it, but keep the light color so we know there's something solid there.
Those are my suggestions on how to help improve this amazing style even more. :)

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Fyro says
on 15th Sep 2016, 11:07 AM

Wow! Thank you very much! I will take into consideration your suggestions. I will be applying this in the following pages, and hopefully have this page corrected for print.

Again, thanks for your input and your thoughts. It really means a lot!

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