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What does Fyro say?

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Fyro says
on 15th Aug 2016, 11:04 PM

I changed the colors a little for the black/white verion because Levi/Kothabaur looked too dark and sometimes blended in too much. I'll keep playing with the colors to see how it looks better,... I'm in experimenting mode!

See the color version on my patreon page!

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What do the Readers say?

ReadyReader says
on 17th Oct 2016, 11:05 PM

Hmm... I honestly think the idea of letting a reader become a character just because they paid something isn't good.
It could effectively ruin the story due to a reader who can't hold their "self insertion" desires to themselves (usually the readers that do self insertion make up some of the worst kind of characters, nearly or at Mary Sue level).
I think readers should learn their place in a story: they're watching the story progress, they're not supposed to be a part of it.
If they so wish to participate, there's fanfiction for that; just don't force themselves into the original story.

Well, that's my two cents anyways. I really liked the story, I just didn't want to see it possibly getting out of its way because of some fan inffluenced character...

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Fyro says
on 21st Nov 2016, 10:28 AM

I really appreciate that you are enjoying the story. Thank you very much for your words as they do mean a lot to me. I'm happy that you are concerned about the story!

I'm sorry I read your comment so late in time, I don't get notifications, (But will soon!). The fans really have no say on where the story is going.

I really hope you continue reading, and continue to express your thoughts. Thank you!

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