3-4 Week break

So because of me getting married, this month's schedule has been jam packed with stuff. Leaves me with little energy and time to work on the comic. So I'll be drawing random stuff that will generally take an hour or two. Not much coloring, not much effort, just some stuff to give my readers. I do have a short 2 page comic that I'll put up, but again, it won't be as clean as Bi-Morphon.

I won't stop working on the comic, I promise. My fiancee promises. She won't let me stop because she knows I love to draw. That, and she'll crack the whip... not sure if that's necessarily a bad thing... ANYWAY!

The End. Comic will resume on March. More specific date to be announced.

posted by Fyro @ 4th Feb 2014, 11:44 AM

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