About Me!!
So... this is only assuming you ask yourself "Who is this nut?". If not, and you're only (remotely) interested in the comic, just read on to "About the comic".

My name is Frank, and at the time I'm writing this, I'm 29 years of age. July 14th is when I turn 30... yikes. 30. Took for ever when I wanted to turn 20, and now from 20-30 felt like over night. *Sigh* Anyway, I'm a self proclaimed comic artist and I'm hoping to make something out of it so I can get out of my day job. I hate sitting infront of desk doing something I don't want to do. I'd rather draw, or code. I love website developing. PHP and MySQL to be precise. It's just so much fun for me. I am a sports fan, namely Football. Don't ask me what's my favorite team, for I am ashamed. I'll just go with my #2 favorite. DA BEARS.

About the Comic!!
So Frozen Box Comics is created because I wanted to make multiple comics. Turns out I barely have enough time for one. Bi-Morphon.

It's about two alien robots about the size of dolls that have the ability to actually merge with organic life forms. They're designed to protect planets from being destroyed, but have kept failing all this time. And now Earth is next. They each meet one individual human, which turned out (of all Tokyo) they are close child hood friends. Now they fight crime, train to become more acquainted with each other. They do have one rival, who will be a reccuring villan. Actually... they're all recurring villans, or rivals. Natsuhiko, the male protragonist, is an auction seller and makes a living that way. Mihoko, the female protagonist, has a job and goes to Tokyo University. Things begin to be complicated when others become involved, especially the police force.

What Do I use?!
I use Manga Studio EX4, (soon to upgrade to EX5), and the tablet I use is intuos4. Model PTK-440. I bought it for $100 from a friend of mine who no longer wanted it. Great deal, if I do say so myself. The computer I use is quite simple, and a gift from my older brother. It's an ASUS, intel i5 laptop. I'm hoping to upgrade it to windows 8.

Future plans!
There is another project I have planned. An RPG game using RPG Maker. =D

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